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Contractor Services

Electricians, Plumbers and Masons run businesses that rely on Segreve & Hall Insurance for protection.

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Matt McGrath

Segreve and Hall Insurance has a commitment to customer service that is unrivaled. I’ve only been a customer for a couple of years now but I wouldn’t want to do business with anyone else. They seem to pride themselves on providing the best service and are more than willing to go the extra mile.

- Matt McGrath
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Since 1991 we have worked hard at creating an insurance agency that serves the needs of our clients, treats people with respect and supports the communities where we live and work. Our goal is to help our clients. We are dedicated to that proposition and when we open our office each morning at 7 am, that is our task for each and every employee, each and every phone call, each and every email. We thank you for choosing Segreve & Hall Insurance Associates in Andover, MA, we encourage you to contact us, and we look forward to working with you in the future.