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Do you live in Andover or the surrounding area, and are you disappointed in your agent or insurance carrier? At Segreve and Hall Insurance Associates Inc. we guarantee that you not only get the kind of auto insurance you need, but that it’s an easy and painless process. Not all insurance carriers or agents are the same it is worth taking the time to talk with one of the professionals at Segreve & Hall Insurance. If you are looking for a new car insurance agent and or carrier, you should be concerned with cost, making sure you are not left exposed by not having the proper coverage and that your agent is there to support you. We open Monday – Friday 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM and provide registry service for free.

A white Tesla Model X SUV parked on a path with a grassy field background. Segreve & Hall can provide your Tesla with car insurance in North Andover, MA.


Depending on where you are in your life, affordability is a major concern; can I afford to pay the monthly premium? At Segreve & Hall we work with you to see what package works best for your current financial situation and we’ll make sure that you’re getting the best coverage based on your needs. We realize that your car insurance premium must fit comfortably into your monthly budget and provides the necessary coverage. We represent many different auto insurance carriers and search out the best carrier for your car insurance needs. We continue to take the pulse of the Massachusetts auto insurance market and when necessary add carriers to best serve our clients. We work with auto insurance companies that are willing to work with us and our clients. We’re ready to do all the hard work for you to make sure you’re driving safely and that you have the most appropriate policy for your needs.


Just because you can get an auto insurance quote in 15 minutes doesn’t mean it is the best quote based on your needs. Let us help you by looking at your financial picture (assets you are looking to protect), how old is your vehicle (do you need collision coverage) and is the vehicle used in business. We’ll take your lifestyle and future goals in mind to make sure your coverage is realistic, flexible, and the best thing for your life and your car. If you have any questions about an existing plan, or are interested in switching to something new, let us know too. At Segreve and Hall Insurance Associates Inc, we have experts that will meet you at our office, your home or your place of work.

After the Audit

If you are frustrated by trying to find a suitable car insurance company online or cannot get the answer you are looking for, look no further call us. Not only will we provide you the answers you are looking for but will also address concerns that you may not have considered, like:

  • What is accident forgiveness
  • What is a disappearing deductible
  • Do I have a deductible on my windshield if it is damaged

We will answer all questions, no matter how long it takes and we will not waste your valuable time. As a professional we understand your needs so we are looking to get you on the road quickly, with the proper coverage and we do all of this at your convenience, not ours.

Whether you have a new car that needs insurance or an old car that needs an insurance upgrade, Segreve and Hall Insurance Associates Inc is up for the task; we will find the best auto insurance policy for your situation. Contact us today and start looking at your options now!

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