Worker’s Compensation

Looking for Workers Compensation Insurance in Massachusetts or New Hampshire?? Worker’s Compensation coverage provides an injured employee with lost wages and payment of medical bills. The policy also provides liability for the employer. The laws and rules surrounding workers compensation are sometimes confusing. Our agents are experienced in all facets of the workers compensation policy. We work with all of our insureds to be prepared for their annual audit. Our pre-audit meeting helps the client capture and understand all the information that will be required. We help with certificate of insurance updating and cataloging. We review policy classifications for their accuracy and application. We study experience modifications to be sure that they are correct.

Preparing for the Auditor

We recommend you schedule the audit after lunch, on a Friday afternoon. Provide the auditor with a basic written description of your business, to limit the number of questions asked. When answering specific questions, be thorough but do not provide too much information. If the auditor asks a question and you are not sure of the answer, simply tell him or her that you will follow up with that information. Do not guess, and never make up an answer!

The Workers Compensation Audit

Assign an informative and friendly staff member to the auditor, and escort him or her on a tour of your location if requested. We suggest you provide a summary of the total payroll and subtract excluded remuneration (benefits, overtime, exemptions, etc.) The payroll should be summarized by class code to receive positive audit results. Make sure to review certificates of insurance from sub-contractors separating labor and costs of goods, which should not be included.

After the Audit

Once the audit is complete, ask the auditor to provide a copy the Final Audit Billing. The auditor should explain the results and summarize before they leave. We suggest you verify deposit premiums and applicable credits, discounts, as well as the correct experience mod. If billing does not match the Summary page, review it for discrepancies and negotiate towards a positive closure.

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