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Featured Customer

Concept Building

By March 2, 2016October 22nd, 2018No Comments

“Build the best team of in-house staff, support them with a core network of highly skilled sub-contractors and clients will come…and come back.”

Above is a quote from our March 2016 customer of the month Concept Building out of Wayland, Mass. Founded in 2009 they have continued to put out quality work across the state, especially excelling in Martha’s Vineyard. With a few quick edits to the quote we feel as though it is aligned great with what strive to do here at Segreve and Hall which is why it has been a pleasure working with Concept over the last few years.

We have been happy to work with them on their worker’s comp policy, commercial auto and their commercial package policies to get them the best coverage to fit their company. Jeff and Mike are easy to work with and are always working to provide the best service for their customers.

Concept Building specializes in large scale renovations, historic preservation and whole house remodels throughout Massachusetts, including Martha’s Vineyard.

We have attached a few pictures for you to take a look at the amazing work that they do from project to project but it is such a small sample size from what it is that they are truly capable of doing. The link at the bottom of the page will take you to their site where they have amazing pictures of their completed jobs and beautiful homes that they have worked on.

We, of course, recommend them for your next home project and would love to see pictures of how your house turns out in the end!

Visit Concept Building’s Website here.