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Segreve & Hall

Riverdale Plumbing & Heating Inc.

Riverdale Plumbing & Heating Inc. Est. 1983 - Walpole, MA Interviewee: Micah Howdy, COO   How did the business start? Who currently runs the business? The business was started in 1983 by William Howdy when he finished his service with The United States Marine Corps. William lead the business for 25 years with a focus on the residential sector, but in the early 2000’s there was a shift to municipality and government projects based off the stability and size of...
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Bill Hall Inc.

Bill Hall’s business began with his very first job in the town of Amesbury in 1979. Celebrating the 40th anniversary of being in business, Bill is enjoying working with his new 2019 Komatsu excavator. Bill says it still is a lot of fun doing what he is doing! And he is proud of the business he has built. Most of Bill’s work is in the Merrimack Valley excavating foundations, connecting water and sewer mains in residential subdivisions for his real...
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Brother Movers Company, LLC

Brothers Jose and Angel Torres have owned and operated Brother Movers Company since they started it in 2014. With over a decade of previous experience in the industry, the brothers quickly found success running their own company.   While the company specializes in household moving, they have expanded their operations to include business and commercial moves as well. In fact, when Segreve & Hall moved into a bigger office in 2018, it was Brother Movers who took care of everything. Along...
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WSH Appliance Services, LLC

We are happy to introduce to you our featured customer for the month of July, WSH Appliance Service in Haverhill, MA. WSH Appliance’s story begins with and ends with the founder and owner Bill Hanneffant. Bill started in the appliance repair business in 1991. He began with Maytag in 1993 and stayed there until 2007. He worked all the way up to the lead tech position there. Bill founded WSH Appliance in 1996 as a part-time company that worked on…

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LaPlume and Sons Printing Co, Inc.

We hope you all enjoyed your holiday weekend.  This month we decided to switch things up with our customer of the month. We have been highlighting all of our trade contractors the last few months but wanted to show you that they are not all that we work with here at Segreve and Hall. This month we are happy to introduce to you LaPlume and Sons Printing, Inc. of Lawrence. The pictures are set up in a time line of...
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JW Construction

We do not know about you guys but here at Segreve and Hall 2017 is flying by, we cannot believe it is already April! A new month means a new customer of the month, and this April we are happy to introduce you to JW Construction Inc. from Burlington, MA. JW was created in 1993 by Jon Wardwell. After spending the 1980’s working for various construction companies he figured it was time to set out on his own. The better half...
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Twin Trucking

The end of the year is upon us and our final customer of the month is here with it. Twin Trucking Corp. of Chelmsford is a construction trucking company and is our feature customer. President Michael Crapulli has been in the trucking industry for over 25 years now and has grown his operation from a one man, one truck show into the impressive fleet he has today. In the 80’s Michael heard about this project coming to the Commonwealth that...
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BHD Company

There is so much going on here at Segreve and Hall that we had forgotten to spotlight a customer last month. Meaning that for July we had to make sure we had a great one to roll out and make up for it. For July of 2016 we wanted to share with you our customer the BHD company. BHD handles everything from Landscaping, to painting and construction. gardening BHD Company has built a reputation of high quality, efficiency and superior...
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Courtney Services

We are happy to introduce to you our featured customer for the month of May, Courtney Services, from Waltham! With summer right around the corner we just wanted to showcase one of our customers who could be a big help in getting your house ready for summer! Whether it is getting your landscape ready for barbecue season or looking to finally start that home renovation or clean-out project in your basement/attic, Courtney Service is here to help. With 13 years...
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