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Merrimack Valley Law

By November 9, 2014October 22nd, 2018No Comments

Protecting Our Best Interests

Broadhurst Tabit LLP, also know as Merrimack Valley Law, is a Methuen, MA based law firm representing our community, acting in the best interests of the Merrimack Valley, and a proud client of Segreve & Hall Insurance Associates.

Arthur Broadhust and Sal Tabit partnered together to form Broadhurst Tabit some years ago, and together have over 35 years of experience in civil litigation, criminal defense work, real estate conveyance, and small business representation. Their partnership allows them to provide comprehensive law services, while also maintaining a family feel that most small business owners can relate to. Merrimack Valley Law boasts a talented team of attorneys who are experienced and dedicated to undertaking complex legal matters. Their attorneys and supporting staff are committed to providing individualized services and unique attention specific to each of their clients.

“At Broadhurst Tabit LLP we understand that quality legal representation can be expensive and we work with our clients to ensure the most cost-effective solution to their legal problems.”
-From Arthur & Sal

Giving Back to Charities

Arthur, Sal, and their staff are not only actively assisting in legal matters, they are also continuing their community support by giving back to those who they serve. The partners write, “we are fortunate to live and work with people we respect, admire and love. We realize that our success is dependent on not just our hard work, but on the support of the community we serve.” From their generous contributions, Merrimack Valley has donated thousands of dollars over the years to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Pan-Mass Challenge, Pulmonary Hypertension Association, and the Salvation Army among others. Sal has been so active in his work with the Salvation Army, he has been named to the Salvation Army USA-Lawrence Advisory Board, and he says he looks forward to whatever role he plays so the Salvation Army can continue their shared commitment to service.

Giving Back to our Community

In an effort to continue their balanced charitable contributions, including assistance to the families of clients they serve, Merrimack Valley Law announced their “Fees for Charity” program this past August. The firm is now donating a portion of their fees to charities and families alike each month. Merrimack Valley Law will have a ticker tape displayed on their website, showing the amount of money donated from the fees the firm generates.

From the amount of charitable requests Arthur and Sal receive annually, the partners not only hope these details illustrate what charities their contributions are going towards, but also hope this spurs other organizations to do the same. The associates of Segreve & Hall were touched by this sentiment, and plan to release a “Latest News” post with our contributions as well.

For more details on Merrimack Valley law, visit their website here.