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Featured Customer

The Silberman Family

By November 11, 2013October 22nd, 2018No Comments

Our featured customer is the Silberman family, who we have been proudly serving since 2001. Joel (pictured) and Ellen Silberman are just one of our many personal clients who we have worked hard at building a relationship with over the years. Joel and his son Ben (pictured) were thoughtful enough to share some of their photos from a recent trip to New Zealand with us. These shots were taken on the South Island of New Zealand by both Joel and Ben.

Pictured left is Segreve & Hall being proudly represented at the peak of Mount Luxmore, top of the Keplar Track.

Thank you Joel and Ben, for sharing your adventures with us, and for bringing Segreve & Hall abroad.

We appreciate hearing from all of our commercial and personal clients.